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Dr. L. Kirk Lorimer, DPM is an experienced board certificated surgeon having more education and training specific to the foot and ankle than any other healthcare provider.

Our podiatric surgeon will properly diagnosis  your foot pain and or ankle problems and provide the best treatment plan for your needs.

We have podiatry offices located in both Kirkland, WA and Bellevue, WA for your convenience.

Foot & Ankle Specialties

Heel Pain

The biggest single cause of heel pain in most adults is plantar fasciitis. In each foot, you have a fibrous band of connective tissue known as the plantar fascia, which starts at the heel and runs across the arch to the base of your toes.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails, most commonly occur on the big toe and are caused by pressure that drives the edge of the nail into the surrounding skin. Ingrown toenails can result from improper nail trimming, injuries, fungal infections, and toe deformities.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are medical devices that go into ones shoes that are designed to give arch support and control the function of your feet. Foot pain is often due to poor foot support and stability and orthotics are often used in conjunction with firm shoes and stretching to provide relief.


A bunion is a bump that appears inside the foot, around the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint (near the big toe). This bump is actually a bone protruding towards the inside of the big foot. If it is untreated, bunions can cause sever pain and even hinder walking abilities.

Ankle Pain - Sprain

If you are experiencing ankle pain it may be due to a ankle spain. When the ankle bones twist or receive too much force, the ligaments surrounding the outside of the bones may suffer from over-stretching or tearing. There are different levels of severity when it comes to ankle sprains, and if the sprain is not properly diagnosed and treated, it can cause permanent, lasting ankle trouble.

Hammer Toes

Hammertoes are a condition where the middle joint of one or more of your toes (often the second, but also the third and fourth) get stuck in a bent position. At first, the joint stays flexible to some degree, allowing you the ability to reposition it (temporarily) with your fingers, taping, or splinting, but eventually toe becomes rigidly locked in place.

Experienced Doctors

Dr. L. Kirk Lorimer, DPM is board certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon.  Podiatric surgeon with specialized training and experience specific to the foot and ankle.

Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff is committed to providing the finest podiatric care in a warm and friendly environment in order to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

On Call 24/7

Get the help you need day or night.  We are always here to ensure our patients get the emergency care needed even in the off hours of the day or night.

Same Day Appointments

Your schedule during the day due to various reasons.  Bellevue & Kirkland – The Foot Doctor, is dedicated to providing timely and quality foot care to all patients.

Walk-In's Accepted

Dr. L. Kirk Lorimer, DPM allows walk-ins in both the Bellevue and Kirkland Washington offices.  When you need to see a podiatrist right away, we are always here to assist you.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept most insurance plans and  deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients.

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Sarah M. - Seattle, WA

Foot Patient
“I am really impressed with Dr. Lorimer. A few years back I was dealing with serious plantar fasciitis issues and after just two visits, he helped me get over my issues. He showed me how to stretch at home, made special orthotics for my foot, gave me a prescription for the intense pain I was feeling and suggested the brand and style of athletic shoes I should wear that would specifically help support my foots shape. That was 3 years ago and I’m still going strong!
Recently my husband rolled his foot on vacation and needed to see someone to help get over the pain. I immediately thought of Dr. Lorimer who was just as kind, charismatic and professional as I remember him to be. He was up front with the care, didn’t waste our time and made it clear he wasn’t about to run tests just to charge our insurance when it wasn’t really needed. He even refunded our co-pay once it was determined someone at the front desk misinformed us about seeing the hubby for a knee issue at the same time. Podiatrists only work on feet so I should have listened to my instinct but just “assumed” I was being told correctly.  He made it right without hesitation which is really decent of him. Bottom line is that we will never need to go elsewhere for all things related to our feet and you won’t either, trust me on this one.”

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